Hi, I’m Grace Chuang.

I’m a mix of all things antidisciplinary: a storyteller, designer, engineer, and photographer. I’m passionate about creating experiences that bring attention to the mystery, wonder, and beauty of the in-betweens. As a member of the Creative Team at Ginkgo Bioworks, I bring the story of synthetic biology to life through creative collaborations, and help others visualize a world where the most advanced technology on the planet - biology - is used to grow products instead of manufacture them.

I received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University in 2018, where I spent my summers coaxing mammalian cells, teaching design on iGEM, exploring biology with architects, producing films at an agency, and photographing stories of love, heartbreak, triumph, and failure. It’s there, with a pipet in one hand and a camera in the other, where I discovered a deep yearning to create with purpose and meaning, in the mess and the complexity. I’ve been carving my own path at the intersection of things ever since.

For more of my journey, listen to a keynote I gave here